Mercenaries of Andosia [MoA]

Version 1.477 A

Datum: Mittwoch, 07. August 2002
Thema: DarkSpace

Hoi hoi all,

Richard is on a fast way to fix it....

CTD für Voodoo cards gefixt

Projektile werden in der nav map jetzt mit einem anderen symbol angezeigt.
Sie sind damit leichter von Schiffen zu unterscheiden

Der Bug "Stirb im MV und sei arm" ist gefixt

-Fixed CTD on video cards that cannot handle textures larger than 256x256. This includes many 3dfx (aka voodoo) chipsets.

- Projectiles are now displayed with a smaller diamond unlike the indicator used for ships and planets. This should help players pick out the enemy ships more easily.

- Fixed bug which would zero out the players credits in the MV.


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