Version 1.479 released

Thema: DarkSpace Hoi hoi all,

the next version is going up...

- Improved the error reporting in the server code to track down and fix server crash errors.

- Improved the startTimer() function in the DS script language to accept a variable number of arguments that are passed to the callback function named by the second argument.

- The tachyon drive velocity has been increased to 2400gu/s and the fuel level has been increased to 10000 units. The AM jump drive now has a top velocity of 3000gu/s, and the same fuel capacity. This is a 4x speed increase for the tachyon drive, the previous velocity was 600gu/s. This change should make it possible for players to move between systems in the metaverse a bit easier than before.

- All torpedo weapons now track their target, this includes the fusion and AM torpedos.

- The energy costs for the AM torpedo has been lowered slightly from 1450 to 1300.

- Station explosion damaged has been lowered from 250,000 to 150,000.

- Build times for all devices has been decreased by 75%.

- Fixed crash in server code caused by a race condition. This crash could occur when a new connection is dropped immediatly after a connection is made.

- Lowered the rank requirment for the K'Luth engineering ship to midshipman.

- Increase the mine life back up to 15 minutes.

- Moved all the interface code into a seperate DLL. This should reduce the download size for any updates.

- Fixed a bug where a ship that refits an AMJ can jump into an interdictor field.

- The mass of the ship now affects the jump drive recharge rate and fuel usage. This means, smaller ship will be able to recharge their jump drives faster and jump longer than larger ships.

- Ship AI no longer attempts to jump to an object when not enough fuel is available.

- Player groups now gain prestige at the same rate, points are no longer scaled based on player rank. This means, if you are in a group, and one of your group members destroys a ship, all players in the group get the same amount of "Ships Damaged" points awarded. This also applies towards negative values such as "Resources Lost". This change is being done to encourage players to form groups in-game, team play, and to help new players gain rank more quickly.

- Increased the bonus prestige rewarded for winning a scenerio.

- Players can no longer gain rank or prestige if their current rank is higher than the max rank of the server. This eliminates the large number of admirals joining the newbie server for easy kills and prestige.

- Added Aft shields to the ICC missile cruiser, destroyer, and dreadnaught. Added Aft armor to the UGTO missile cruiser.

- The Jump disruptor now adds 9 points of signature when active.

- The K'Luth peircer is now equipped with an interdictor device.

Version 1.479 released

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